Car theft affects thousands of people each year and has more wide-ranging impacts than simply the loss of a vehicle. It can be an incredibly difficult and traumatic time for the victims and have many emotional as well as financial consequences.

Many car thieves are opportunists who take a chance when they see an unattended car with the keys left in or can grab the keys from a house or handbag. Modern cars make it difficult for them to be taken without the keys thanks to alarms and immobilisers, but older ones can be quite easy to get into and drive off. Sometimes, thieves will hijack a car while the driver is inside. This is more common with high-end sports cars.

Preventing car theft is impossible, but it is relatively straightforward to make it as difficult for the potential thief to steal and force him to consider other targets instead. There are things all drivers can do to stop their vehicle from being targeted. Simply keeping it locked, removing valuables and using an alarm or immobiliser can deter potential thieves.

All motorists should be aware of the potential dangers of car criminals and be fully insured in case the worst should happen. This site takes a look at car theft and its related issues.